Some references / realizations of Simagorad
Olivier Daumas
Olive d. Lily Paillettes
Olivier daumas graphics
Olivier Daumas graphics, web, illustration, art.
Olive d. French song
Olive d. Song: the new French song.
Lily paillettes
Lily Paillettes: private sales of designer clothes in Marseille.
Advise me Book Wharf E-commerce
Blog directory
Blogs with heavy traffic.
Directory of sites
E-commerce of used books or catalog purposes.
E-commerce shop
Create your shop online with
Kakuro-en Joëlle Falgari Claude Alexis
Kakuro-en: Kakuro online game grids

Joëlle Falgari: interior designer

Claude Alexis: medium high-media viewer
Cadoagogo CCBG Star of the blog
Instant winner games “Instant winner”

CCBG Art of the Event

Blog directory with best elections
DT Concept

DT Concept: creation in visual communication
E-commerce: online shops


Products of normandy Discoveries and traditions Sisse Style Scandinavian
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Additional activities
Tutorial of Simagorad is at the origin and manages a computer help site that has become a must in its sector. Building on its success, now hosts more than 6,000 visitors each day.
On the other hand, Simagorad owns and manages the daily many sites as: Free directory , directory Rouen , Image Free Host , the platform 6mablog blogs , a forum for computer help , and many others.


They trust us…
Infomaniak Network Infomaniak Network SA, one of the leaders in web hosting in Switzerland and Europe, entrusts us with the creation of online guides to help our customers technically.
FSA Computer Training FSA Rouen : assistance, support and computer training (on-site or remote assistance), for individuals, professionals and small businesses.
FSA is a partner of Simagorad for the training of e-commerce shops . Responsible: Mr Felipe SIMOES.