Creating Your E-commerce Website

Pack e-commerce proSimagorad allows you to start trading online whatever your budget. Whether you need a tailor-made e-commerce site with a budget accordingly or an e-commerce open source solution under GNU (bone-commerce) license with a small budget, we have Solution that suits you!

Your website will then contain a catalog of products that can be consulted by the general public, with all necessary purchasing options.
On your side, you will have a private administration part to manage your site by yourself. In particular, you will be able to manage: the catalog of products with products, promotions and others, methods of sending products, customers, orders and many other things essential to the operation of an e-commerce site.

You also have advice on CB online payment solutions, solutions that we also install on your site with technical points provided by the bank or provider you choose, so that your online payments Are operational.

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